Free Trial

Your CFP journey starts with a FREE small group session. Our introductory sessions which are a mix of technique, lecture and scaled intensity are a perfect way to begin.  These sessions are held every Saturday at 10:00am. If you need to set up a private session the cost is $30.

You’ll learn about our fitness programs and training methodologies.  Then, you and your coach will map out a plan for you, based on your level of fitness and your goals.

Of course, you’ll get a taste of what we do around here with an awesome workout—the same workout that every member does on their first day here.


Once you’re a member, you get access to all our classes including:  CrossFit, Elements, Barbell Club and On-Ramp – our 2 session training program that will teach you the basics of CrossFit.  Click here to learn more about On-Ramp.

Here’s what you’ll get :

• A FREE Class
• Small group coaching
• Schedule around you
• Introduction to CrossFit Providence

Train hard and prosper.