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Saturday at 10:45am

You’ll meet one of our coaches who will sit and talk about your fitness goals and how CFP can help you achieve them.  You’ll learn about our fitness programs and training methodologies. If you need to set up a private intro, please email

Then, you and your coach will map out a plan for you, based on your level of fitness and your goals. Of course, you’ll get a taste of what we do around here with an awesome workout—the same workout that every member does on their first day here.

Here’s what you’ll get :

A FREE Class
Small group coaching
Introduction to CrossFit Providence

Once you are a member, you get access to all our classes including: CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance, Providence Barbell Club, and On-Ramp – our training program that will teach you the basics of CrossFit. If you would rather jump right in, contact our Head Coach, Tanner Baldauf, to register for On-Ramp: