Tanner Baldauf

Head Coach/General Manager

Tanner is the Head Coach and Director of Crossfit Providence. He has been a coach at CFP since 2015. He is in pursuit of his Crossfit Level 3 and USAW level 2.

Tanner was an accountant for 3 years and the program director of a small company for 1 year after graduating from Johnson & Wales University. He left the desk jockie life in pursuit of something more. “My job just wasn’t fulfilling, I felt like I wasn’t doing anything to make the world a better place”. He started coach shadowing in the spring of 2015 and from there he fell in love.

His philosophy is very simple and can be summed up by “I want to create healthy, happy athletes”. Here are the principles in which Tanner believes in: Full ROM, Core to Extremity, Different Time Domains and Energy Pathways, Bullet Proof Core and Shoulders, Structural Balance, Strict Movement before Kipping, Single Arm/Leg Movement, Periodized Strength Programs, Deload, and last but not least having fun. You can find all of these principles in the programming he creates for the gym. Come to any class he coaches to find him dancing and singing his little heart out!

Outside of the gym he enjoys food, traveling, eating while traveling, the ocean/lake/river, and sleeping!

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1 & 2, USAW Level 1, Poliquin Biosignature

Josh Bird

Co-owner and Coach

Joshua Bird is the General Manager at CrossFit Providence, and has been an owner and coach since CFP’s inception in 2007. He is a CrossFit Level I certified coach who is in the process of pursuing his Level II this spring.

Josh found in 2004 after embarking on a career as a trainer. Convinced that there was something better than the Chest and Bi’s/Back and Tri’s bodybuilder routines that were dominant at the time, and informed by his athletic past; CrossFit fit the bill exactly. He did CrossFit workouts on his own, and convinced members of the Providence Rugby Football Club who he plyed for, to take part.

Josh’s philosophy as a coach can be summed up with the basic tenants of Crossfit: Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. He also places great importance on the positive mental adaptations that take place during ones CrossFit journey.

Outside of the gym, Josh loves to be outdoors. He leads many of our outdoor hiking trips, is an experienced sailor who completed a solo passage to Northern Maine in 2014, holds a commercial shellfishing licence in Rhode Island, and is interested in sustainable living and protecting Narragansett Bay.

Certifications and Courses: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Endurance, Westside Barbell Seminar, Jon North Attitude Nation Workshop, Ancestral Health Symposium 2012, MovementX Oslo w/Ido Portal.

Emily Xavier


As a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” when it comes to athletics, Coach Emily has a passion for empowering athletes of all levels, through the teaching of proper functional movement.  Above all, she values dedication and humility, and firmly believes that every athlete has the potential to achieve their goals if they simply demonstrate passion and patience.

After a hiatus from sports and fitness during her college years, she began searching for the perfect type of training to get her back into shape. Emily discovered Crossfit in 2009 and instantly fell in love. She gravitated toward Crossfit for many reasons, but most of all, due to the comradery and mental toughness that it fosters. After training for 3 years as a Crossfit athlete, Emily decided to pursue her Level 1 certification in 2012, and has been coaching ever since. In the Summer of 2015 she decided to further her education, and earned her Level 2 certification.

Emily is the Assistant Coach for the Northeast Grid League’s Providence Villains. She enjoys playing soccer, softball, and basketball, graduated from Brown University and works as a researcher.

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1 & 2

Tiffany Radaz


As much as Tiff loves the competitive aspect of Crossfit, it is the community that drives her love for the sport even more. Observing individuals working hard, reaching goals, and progressing as athletes are the most rewarding aspects of coaching Crossfit.

Tiff is a firm believer of having a true balance of physical, mental, and social health; it is no question that Crossfit has provided her with the tools to help maintain those three as a balance in her everyday life.  Four years ago, she fell in love with the sport of Crossfit.  Tiff feeds her growing passion for the Sport of Fitness by attending weekend fitness competitions.

Tiff is originally from Michigan, where she competed in track & field and cross country at Albion College, running the 800m.  She has also completed 10 marathons including 4 Boston qualified.

Certifications:  CrossFit Level 1, MHSAA certified coach

Chris Ahlemeyer


Chris Ahlemeyer is certified as a Level I CrossFit trainer and a co-owner of CrossFit Providence. He currently works as the Operations Officer for the Rhode Island National Guard – 13th Civil Support Team (CST/WMD). He is qualified as an Airborne Ranger and a Pathfinder, and is also trained in Mountain Warfare and Air Assault techniques. Chris was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he helped facilitate the Iraqi National Elections.

Chris participated in collegiate rugby at Providence College and also played soccer, track, and basketball in high school. Growing up in Western, MA, Chris has always enjoyed hiking and being outdoors. In 2009 he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft) in Tanzania, Africa and aspires to one day summit the highest peak on every continent.

Chris brings his unique military experiences and training to further diversify the CrossFit Providence community. He hopes to help members reach their full potential through encouragement, dedication, and humor. In 2010 Chris placed 14th in the Best Ranger Competition, also known as the Army’s Olympics.

John Risica