Workout of the Day 06 November 2017

Workout of the Day 06 November 2017

CFP Washington – *CrossFit Main Class

Mobilizing/Stretching is a perfect post workout cool down and also a great rest day recovery tool. When we get done working out, the muscles are loose and warm. As they cool down, they start to tighten; if not cooled down correctly they can create knots/tight spots in the muscle. Stretching after a workout can:

– Increase range of motion
– Create more muscle activation
– Remove tight spots and knots
– Reduce chance of injury
– Decrease soreness and joint pain
– Allow us to move better

The body should be in motion every single day. We aren’t meant to sit still, we are meant to move. Mobilizing on our off days allows us to keep our flexibility and smooth movement without stressing the body out.

“It isn’t always about making the muscles stronger, a lot of the time it is about getting the body in a better position to support the weight or movement with structure.”


Back Squat (10 Rep Max)


Let’s Get It (Time)


Double Unders x2 (Singles x4)

Wall Balls (20/14) (14/10)

Pull Ups (Banded/Ring Row)


OH Banded Distraction

Triple Bully


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