Workout of the Day 07 August 2017

Workout of the Day 07 August 2017

CFP Washington – *CrossFit Main Class

Work Hard, Recover Harder

When it comes to being a better athlete we seem to always focus on training harder to become better. Maybe it’s another session a week we add to our training or we come to the gym early/stay late to put in some extra work.

The best way to actually become a better athlete is to recover more by eating healthy, sleeping well, mobilizing after workouts, taking epsom salt baths/ice baths, and even taking an extra rest day.

When we recover more it allows us to come into the gym fresh which means we put forth our best effort.

“Do you even recover bro!”


Front Rack Step Ups (3×6 ea. side (across))

*2 Second Negative

** 6 on one leg, then six on other


Cleans & Burpees (Time)

5 Rounds:

6 Power Cleans (135/95) (115/80)

11 OTB Burpees



Super Front Rack


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