Workout of the Day: 31-May-2012


CrossFit WOD

Nerds Do Squats Too

5 TGU Each Arm Warm-up

Front Squat 1×20
If you completed all 20 reps last week, increase weight by 5 lbs.  If you did not, stay at same weight as last week.

Intermediate and Beginner:
3×10 @82%

3 Rounds for total reps of:
90 sec ME Power Cleans (135/95#)
90 sec Rest
90 sec ME Burpees
90 sec Rest

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3 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 31-May-2012”
  1. Al

    What does ME mean? I forgot my decoder book at home.

  2. 05.31.2012

    Max Effort?

  3. Al

    Makes sense but you never know…

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