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Workout of the Day: 4-Apr-2012

Power Snatch + Snatch (full squat):
2 sets @ 70%, 2 sets  @ 75%, 1 set  @ 80%  rest ~90 sec between sets

9, 7 and 5 reps of:
Snatches (135/95 lb.)


1:1 Muscle up sub with Bands

2:1 muscle up sub from knees

2 Pull Ups and 2 Ring Dips per muscle up 

Banded Pull ups (no kip) or Body Rows

Snatch subs:

Hang squat snatches or Power snatches depending on technique and flexibility limitations.
If Snatch Technique is flawed, or flexibility impedes performance DB Snatches from low hang, 9 each arm, 7 each arm, 5 each arm.

Trans Fat and Aggression

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6 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 4-Apr-2012”
  1. Kristen 007

    I’m really having trouble going from power snatches to hang snatches.

    Completed the WOD in 7:40 using 55# for the power snatches and scaled the muscle ups to 18/18 dips and rows, 14/14 dips and rows, and 10/10 dips and rows.

  2. 04.04.2012

    10:13 with pull ups/dips and 115 for the snatches. Yuck.

  3. 04.04.2012

    i am going to marry that oly lifter <3 LoLz

  4. Meg

    Rochford I think it’s the pearl earrings…….

  5. 04.04.2012

    Quite the lizard tongue and wink too..

  6. 04.05.2012

    How did you know it was me…… this is my alias…

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