Workout of the Day: 17-Feb-2012

Photo: ( Photo Contest Picture 9,  Jess Cyr on Table Rock trail in Colebrook, NH)

For the next few weeks the pictures above each WOD will be part of the CFP Photo Contest, each picture will be numbered for voting at the end of the contest. Keep track of what pictures are your favorite along the way!

CrossFit WOD

Rope Climb Practice
10 Ascents in 10 Minutes- Spanish Wrap
Must have leg protection!

5 Rounds or 20 Min whichever comes first:
Run 400 M
15 Deadlifts (185/135#)
(Competitors 225/155#)

Dangers of Diet Soda

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7 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 17-Feb-2012”
  1. kristen

    I haven’t worked out in over a week and as I was returning home tonight, looking forward to the 5:45 class, I was hoping for a wod that had movements that I was comfortable with (sort of ease my way back in if that is even possible). B/c I like the looks of this one, I am sure to be heaving by round 2.

  2. Doug C

    17:22 @ 185. This WOD puts a lot of strain on your back. Careful with those deadlifts.

  3. Gym

    15:11 with 225. Not faster than Tall Pete….. but heavier. ;)

    I would like to congratulate Dan form the 5:45 class for getting his 1st rope climbs today!!! That’s right, “climbs” He was going up so easy and got at least 3 (that I saw), I thought he was kidding when he said it was his 1st time getting up to the top. LOVE to see improvement like that.

  4. Doug B

    Nice job Gym, go big or go home! 16:58 for the WOD with 185.

  5. alycyn

    great week!! all the wods were challenging and fun. theres no better way to start a day then 545 cf class!!

  6. kristen

    Dan was SO cool this morning. It is great to see someone PR with such ease. Rx’d this one at 135# and finished a little slow at 15:58.

  7. DanP

    Thanks Kristen, Thanks Gym. Yes, it took more than a year, but today I’ve got my first complete rope climbs.

    3 full and 2 half rope climbs.
    17:54 for WOD @ 135# w/500m rows

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