Workout of the Day: 15-Feb-2012

Photo: ( Photo Contest Picture 7, James Hawkins)

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“I never cheat. There is no honor in cheating. What joy can there be in a victory I did not earn?” (Lisbeth Darsh, CF Watertown)

You heard your Mom say it.  You heard your teachers say it.  You know it is probably true, but why??  Cheaters never prosper.  I say it to my 16-year-old High School students when I catch them plagiarizing a paper, or cheating on a vocab test.  They never seem to get it. They say,  ”Miss… if I cheat, I get 100, and then I pass the test and your class.  If I don’t get caught, then it’s not a big deal.”  But is it??????

Well, to most of us, vocab tests are an obstacle of the past; but, we can still cheat.  You know where I’m talking about:  at the gym.  I certainly cannot count every single one of your reps.  It is easy to get tired, angry, or ultra-competitive and cut a rep. here and there.

Numero uno, by cheating you compromise your integrity.  As Lisbeth, from CF Watertown, states above, how could one ever feel a victory in something they truly didn’t earn.  I have often found that the true glory is in the gaining of the prize, not in the getting of it.  When you finish a WOD, and fall on the floor in utter exhaustion, the euphoric feeling of completion is unmatchable.  This is the feeling that makes most CrossFitters addicted to the torture we put ourselves through daily.

Number two, it may sound teacheresque, but cheaters only cheat themselves.  The rep. counts in our WODS are set for a reason.  If you cheat them, you’re cheating your body.  Plainly stated: you will not get the results you desire.  And, what about if you decide to take your CrossFitting to another level and WOD competitively?   Let’s see if the two judges assigned to watch your form and count your reps toss you a few freebees.

Lastly, we are all in this glorious struggle that we call CrossFit together.  If you cheat, it makes your fellow athletes feel like they falling behind.  Just like the “nerd” that everyone copied homework from in 9th grade bio, it isn’t fair that he/she has to do all the work.  Don’t make other athletes in the gym feel like “slugs” because you are blowing through WODS illegally.

Trust me, this is not directed to anyone specific at our gym.  I just know that it is human nature to want to perform well and be the best.  As long as you put it all out there…you are the best. By Lauren Plummey

CrossFit WOD

5 Rounds of The Shankle Complex:

2 min rest, Try to go up in weight each round

3 Hang Clean Pulls
1 Hang Squat Clean
2 Jerks (split or push)

10 min AMRAP:
15 Step Down Box Jumps (Full Extension at top, step down. No Bounding)
20 Burpees

Why no bounding on jumps?  Box jumps are a tough exercise to judge when bounding is allowed.  To cover all bases, to prepare for any wrench possibly thrown at us, today you MUST step off the top of box!   

Selfless acts by men increase when attractive women are around.

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11 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 15-Feb-2012”
  1. Coach Josh

    Re: Selfless acts by men increase when attractive women are around.. Duh.

  2. 02.15.2012

    Thanks for posting my pic.

  3. Kristen 007

    *formerly Kristen B*

    Got to 95# on The Shankle Complex.

    I was one burpee shy of 3 full rounds in the WOD, but am proud that I did two sets of 20 and then 1 set of 19 unbroken.

    Great coaching by Gym, and a welcome to Jeff!

  4. alycyn

    3 rounds 15 box jumps 5 burpees.think i would have got 4 rds if my earing didn’t get stuck in my shirt. 20″ box jumps

  5. 02.15.2012

    how much weight in in video?

  6. Missy & Emma

    Love Lisbeth!

  7. Judah

    201kg which is 442.2 lbs

  8. Gym

    For everyone in the 545 class Travis is ok. He said he will be back Mon.

  9. Kristen 007

    Good to hear. I’ve been checking back all day for an update!

  10. Moira

    Glad Travis ok! 100# on the complex, which was a squat clean PR. 3 rounds plus 15 box jumps & 1 burpee.

  11. Jeff

    Thanks Kristen! and to everyone who’s been so friendly and welcoming during my first weeks at the gym. See you guys Friday.

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