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Workout of the Day: 22-Oct-2011

Photo:  (J. Bird)

CrossFit WOD

400 M Jump Rope Run

10 Forward Rolls

3 x 15 sec Frog Stands

EMOTM for 10 min 3x Deadlift (80-85% 1RM)

5 Rounds
Rest 1 min in between Rounds
3 SDLHP (115/85#)
6 Ring Dips
9 Squats

Carbs and Cancer


Workout of the Day: 21-Oct-2011

Photo:  (J. Bird)

CrossFit WOD

Dynamic Warm Up

Then 5 min to complete

3 rounds

5 HSPU or Push Up

5 Dead Hang Pull Ups(or scaled version no kip)

5 Toes To Bar or substitution (Strict)

Handstand Holds Accumulate 4 min

“The Chipper”
20 T2B
30 Thruster (95/65#)
40 Burpees w/ 1 ft jump
50 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Sneaky Plants


Workout of the Day: 20-Oct-2011

Photo:  (J. Bird)

CrossFit WOD

Accumulate 10 Wall Climbs

EMOTM 10 x 1 Press (90% 1RM)

3 Rounds for Load and Time
10 KB Push Press Right
7 Pull-ups
10 KB Push Press Left
7 Pull-ups
10 KB OH Squat Right
7 Pull-ups
10 KB OH Squat Left
7 Pull-ups

Eating Disorders and Alzheimer’s


Workout of the Day: 20-Oct-2011

Photo:  (J. Bird)

CrossFit Elements WOD

L-Sit holds or progressions 5x max effort

14 min AMRAP:
200m Medicine Ball Run
14 Medicine Ball Partner Sit-ups


Workout of the Day: 19-Oct-2011

Photo:  (J. Bird)

CrossFit Elements WOD

Front Squat 5-5-5-5

10 minutes:
8 Squats
6 Jumping Pull-ups
4 Burpees


Workout of the Day: 19-Oct-2011

Photo:  (K. Karse)

CrossFit WOD

30 BW Good Mornings

Determine Max Height for Box Jumps
Accumulate 3 minutes of L-Sit time

3 Rounds:
Row 500 M (Run 400M if not raining)
15 KB Swings (32/24kg)
15 Hand Release Push-Ups

Archevore Food Guide


MEWS TAVERN Gear and Beer 5K- Sunday November 20

Come join the CFP Team at the Mews Tavern Gear and Beer 5K run on November 20.

Run starts at 12 noon.  The Race is a lot of fun and there is free food and drinks at the end of the race.

For those 5K All Stars you can choose to run the 5K for time and get CFP on the Race Day leaderboard.

For those who would like to add a little twist and some fun, you can run with the Pack.  The pack will be stopping at each mile to perform some extra task (both BW Exercise and Beverage Related).  The last 100Meters of the run will not be performed upright either!

Register HERE


Workout of the Day: 18-Oct-2011


CrossFit Elements WOD

3 Rounds:
30 second Hollow Hold
Max Frog Stand

3 Rounds:
10 Frog Jumps
15 High Frog Jumps
20 Sit-ups


Workout of the Day: 18-Oct-2011


CrossFit WOD

5 Rounds each arm with light KB
1 TGU (up only)
3 Windmill
1 TGU (down only)

Hip Mobility

Accumulate 10 Rope Climbs


Hang Power Clean(115#/85#)
Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″)


Hang Power Clean(95#/65#)
Burpee Box Jumps (20/16″)


Hang Power Clean(65#/35#)

Who’s in charge, your body or your brain?


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