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Workout of the Day: 28-Oct-2011


CrossFit WOD

5 Rounds each arm with light KB
1 TGU (up only)
3 Windmill
1 TGU (down only)

Hip Mobility

Accumulate 5 Rope Climbs

3 Min AMRAP rest 1 min, 5 min AMRAP, rest 1 min, 10 Min AMRAP
Row 20 Cal
20 Wall Ball20 T2B
20 Box Jumps
20 Burpees
20 KB SDLHP (32/24kg)

Caffeine and Cortisol a 30-day Experiment

Job Opening at CrossFit Providence!!

Customer Service/Front Desk Position

- Answering general inquiries from prospective clients
- Helping existing members with account/billing issues
- TShirt Sales
- Processing new memberships
- Completing tasks administered by the General Manager and Assistant Manager
- Gym daily maintenance
13 Hours per week
- Tues 5pm – 8pm
- Wed 4:30pm – 7:30pm
- Thu 4:30pm – 7:30pm
- Sat 8:00am – 11:00am
Applicants must be personable, organized and be able to work alone. Would suit student or someone looking for extra work. Please apply in writing with your resume attached to


Workout of the Day: 27-Oct-2011


CrossFit WOD

PRACTICE for 10 minutes:


FINISH with AMRAP in 2 minutes Burpee

Post Experience to Gymnastics WOD

Burgener Warm-up

Accumulate 7-10 Skin the Cats

12 Min AMRAP
10 Hang Power Snatch (75/55#)
20 GHD Sit-ups
30 Double Unders

Adrenal Fatigue and Cortisol Management


Workout of the Day: 26-Oct-2011


CrossFit WOD

Accumulate 15 Wall Climbs
Shoulder mobility

EMOTM for 10 min 1x Push Jerk (90% of 1RM)

Death by Calorie Row

Fasted Training, Cortisol and Stress

biking at twilight1

Trip Report – Sunrise Hike of Cadillac Mountain Bar Harbor, ME

Written by CFP Coach Joshua Bird

We arrived to a dark, stormy Bar Harbor on Friday night weary from travel, but eager to explore the area.  Little did we know the beauty of this place until we awoke to clear blue skies and perfect fall weather the next morning, as our group of 10 sat down to a hearty breakfast and got to know each other better.

With the heavy rains on the day before making for a precipitous ascent of the steep West Face Trail, we decided to take Saturday to explore Bar Harbor and make our trek on Sunday morning.  We ambled down the streets of the old seaside village, exploring little shops and stores, eventually making our way down to the waterfront.  The waterfront in Bar harbor literally takes your breath away when you first set eyes on it. The clearing storm from the night before left an angry ocean with waves heaving and crashing spectacularly on the rocky coastline.  We took our time walking along the mile long nature path, performing some humorous crossfit-esqe tasks along the way and just enjoying the day. We then wandered back into town, and Kostya (a member of our group) suggested that we rent some mountain bikes and explore the carriage roads and trails of Acadia.  So off we went, down the streets of town like some sort of biker-gang gone terribly wrong to find the carriage roads.  After a few hill climbs, and a surprise portage of bicycles down a steep wooded hillside to get the trail (it was great teamwork) we arrived at the carriage roads.  We spent the next two hours riding on undulating roads with some great scenic vistas of the island, Nathan and Nora even managed to find the time to do “Travel-Fran” while out on the trail!  Our evening was spent dining on copious amounts of lobster, clams and really enjoying the time away with old and new friends.

We awoke long before dawn on Sunday morning, and drove the 15 minutes to the West Face trail head at Bubble Pond.  The weather was better then we could have hoped for, with partly cloudy moonlit skies and mild temperatures at the base.  The climb began with a short flat walk along Bubble pond between Cadillac and Pemetic mountains, but quickly turned vertical and for the next 1.4 miles we were climbing in every sense of the word.  With our headlamps illuminating the way, we worked as a team to find trail markers, negotiate steep rock faces and were treated with spectacular views of Bubble pond, and Pemetic mountain in the changing pre-dawn light.  We reached the summit just in time to see the sun breaking through the horizon of the Atlantic ocean, thrilled at what we had accomplished together!  Our descent was down the South Ridge trail where we met up with the Bubble pond trail.  This route was longer and had a less severe grade, but was a very pretty way to arrive back to where we had started.

One final, well deserved, big Maine breakfast and walk around town, and it was time to leave this place behind for now.  It’s rare that you can get 10 people together and everyone gets along so well,  I think this is one of the strongest areas of our CFP community.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time…until the next adventure to be announced later this week!


Workout of the Day: 25-Oct-2011

30 BW Good Mornings

Hollow Holds 3 x 30sec

Hollow Rolls 4x each direction

10 Forward Rolls

Hip Mobility

EMOTM for 10 min x1 Back Squat (90%)

10-1 Front Squat (135/95#)
1 rope climb in between rounds

CrossFit Cheaters Anonymous

Update: Showers!

The showers that are being installed at the box are currently still being worked on. It’s taking a little longer than expected but please bear with us, they will be ready very very shortly!

We apologize for the inconvenience as we know some of you are relying on the showers in order to work out and get to work on time.

– CFP Management


Garage Games Team Throwdown 2011

(Congrats to Megan Long and Rob Aronofsky for competing in their FIRST!! CrossFit Competition and making CFP Proud!)

The Garage Games Team Throwdown 2011 was this past weekend at CrossFit Milford in Connecticut.  Three teams from Providence went down to compete.

CrossFit Providence Reds (Megan Boulet, Keidy Toomey, Adam Molano and Judah Boulet) , CrossFit Providence Blues (Jim and Julie Giorgi, Cade Kittrell and Megan Long)

and BryceFit (CrossFit Providence Whites) (Bryce Boratko, Sarah Hanley, Nora Meah, and Rob Aronofsky)

The weekend was a long one with Six scored events over the course of the weekend.  The description of the workouts can be found below.

The CFP teams did extremely well in a very competitive field.  The CFP Reds finished Top 5 in two of the most difficult WODs, and 8th Overall in the competition.  Highlights from the red team include 1RM PR’s by Judah and Megan, and 2RM PR’s by Adam and Judah.  Other highlights included Judah rowing 353 M in 60seconds, Megan getting 30 unbroken Pistols in the last WOD, and Adam being an all around beast at everything he did all weekend.

Team BryceFit, CFP White, finished 16th overall.  The White team had a first time competitor, Rob Aronofsky, who was solid all weekend long. Rob PR’d his Clean and Jerk by putting up 225 twice, and then getting 235 for 1.  Sarah battled through an allergy attack to crush the metcon on Saturday afternoon.  Nora showed he spunk on the last wod of the weekend, Front Squatting a heavy weight for her, 34 times, 4 more extra reps due to a judge counting error, and then blasting through 30 pistols and having a strong run at the end.  Bryce was solid in everything.

Team CFP Blue also had a first time competitor, Megan Long who showed some serious heart throughout the entire weekend, giving it her all every step of the way.  CFP Blue finished 5th Overall in the scaled division.  Jim Giorgi blasted through the weekend looking 10 years younger than his age, and showed off the serious strides he has been making since August.  Julie Giorgi had an impressive finish to the weekend finishing all 30 pistols on two legs after only learning how to do pistols on her left leg Sunday morning.  Very solid effort.  Cade was an animal putting up big weight in the Clean and Jerk and pushing the sled around like it was a Whole Foods shopping cart.

All in all, it was a great weekend, lots of fun, great interacting with friends from other CrossFit boxes throughout New England.  A special warm thank you to all those from the CFP Community who traveled to Milford to cheer us on.  Our performance would not have been the same, or meant as much as it did without you all there sharing in it with us!


Day 1

WOD #1 – “CMC”
Team max 2 rep ground to overhead in 15 minutes.  Each team will have one barbell and one set of weights.  You can never take weight off the bar, the second you touch the bar you have 14 sec. to complete 2 reps, anyhow, ground to overhead.  Each person on the team will get their max weight in the 15 minute time frame.  Teams must strategize as to who will suffer and who will gain, who will have more time to get their number, who will stop early.  Like it says, you can NEVER take weight off the barbell throughout the 15 minutes, and each person must have a number.

WOD #2 – “Afro Brutality”
5 minute amrap of team sled push.  Each team will have 5 minutes for max 40 meter sled pushes.  The weight is light and fast for both male and female competitors (will be disclosed Saturday morning).  Teams must decide order and rotations, as they will have one sled and must transition the weight on and off the sled for the male and female competitors.  “Brutality” says it all in this workout… which team can sustain the pain for 5 minutes?

WOD #3 – “Again…. Faster”
Part A is max meters on the rower.  Each team member will have 60 seconds to get max meters, there will be a 10 second transition time for each member.

rest 90 seconds

Part B is 3 rounds of the following; 20 pull ups, 25 kb swings 55/35, 30 box jumps 24/20″, 35 double unders.  After the team finishes the row, they will have 90 sec. to get their bearings and transition to the stations listed.  At the sound of 3.2.1… they will then to proceed through the workout.  After each teammate has finished their exercise they will take a knee.  The teams cannot transition until each person has taken a knee at their station.  They will continue in this fashion for 3 rounds.

Day 2:
WOD #1
For time
80 DL @ 215/115
60 burpees
80 power snatch @ 95/65
60 burpees
80 power clean to OH @ 95/65

One person works at a time in this workout, however their WILL be two barbells set up with the male and female weight.  Teams must transition weight between the DL/PS/ and C & J as they approach these movements.

WOD #2 – Final workout of the weekend
800 meter run
30 front squats, 155/105
30 toes to bar
15 pistols per leg
800 meter run

In this workout each team will start with a team 800 meter run.  When they come in from the run they must complete the triplet, however EACH team member must do the above numbers.  The teams must decide the order, and transition the weight between male and female athletes.  You can partition the reps anyway you want, but you cannot move on until EACH MEMBER has completed 30 front squats, THEN 30 toes to bar, THEN 15 pistols per leg.  After you finish that you will transition to


Workout of the Day: 24-Oct-2011


CrossFit WOD

Hold and accumulate Pancake Split for 5 minutes

Hold and accumulate Pike Stretch for 5 minutes

Post experience to Gymnastics WOD

Skill Work: Pull-ups (Kipping, Butterfly, Chest to Bar)

Advanced CrossFitters

“Skillorama” (No Scale Options for this WOD, if you cannot perform movements do alternate WOD)
3 Rounds
5 Muscle Ups
30 Pistols
30 Sec L Sit

WOD Option 2

15 Min AMRAP
5 Wall Climbs
10 K2E
20 Double Unders

Keep it Fresh


Workout of the Day: 23-Oct-2011

CrossFit WOD

Muscle-Up Work
10 reps Negative
10 reps Progression from knees or sitting in bands
If have Muscle Ups, 20 reps of Iron Cross Progression

Descending Row (500-400-300-200-100m)
30 Push-ups
100 M Sandbag Carry (50/25#)
Double Unders (50-40-30-20-10)

Rest Recover Regenerate