Workout of the Day: 25-Oct-2011

30 BW Good Mornings

Hollow Holds 3 x 30sec

Hollow Rolls 4x each direction

10 Forward Rolls

Hip Mobility

EMOTM for 10 min x1 Back Squat (90%)

10-1 Front Squat (135/95#)
1 rope climb in between rounds

CrossFit Cheaters Anonymous

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13 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 25-Oct-2011”
  1. Gym

    Another MUST READ article! CrossFit Cheaters Anonymous. What type of CrossFit athlete are you? I know what type I am.

  2. kristen

    Loved the article. I am the collapsing, can hardly depress the clutch in my car but should have gone heavier today crossfit athlete. Loved this wod. Used 65#, I really like rope climbs and finished in 12+ (I forget the exact time).

  3. kristen

    And thank you for putting my wedding band aside.

  4. Linz

    Awesome article!!!

    But seriously. Every time I take a rest day, barbell work is always in the WOD (my favorite). WHYYYY?!?!?!? Ha

  5. Sam

    205# BS. 12:58 scaled to 115# w/rope climbs.

    Awesome effort by Mike K. today and thanks for pushing me on back squats!

  6. Nathan

    If anyone is interested, Citizen’s Bank is hosting a 4.2 mile run over the Newport Bridge on November 13th. I plan on attending and have room for three – email me if interested – – Thank you

  7. Nathan

    My mistake, it is a 4 mile run – not 4.2 miles – but if you are a type I Cross Fitter you may do 4.2 miles anyhow. Most likely will turn out to be a very interesting run with the Jamestown/Newport scenery and also challenging considering the wind gusts from the channel and the temperature. If you do plan on making an appearance, please consider cold weather running attire (long sleeve shirt, running pants, hat or other apparatus to cover ears, gloves, etc. – depending on your personal definition of comfort).

  8. 10.25.2011

    Goal for the next (few?) months is to Rx everything at the women’s weights (or heavier). 17:12 95# w/rope climbs.

    Mike K. was an inspiration for the 9:00 class.

  9. Phillip (Big Wagz)

    385 BS / 11:22 RX hurt alot

  10. Mike

    A big thanks to the 9:00 for the encouragement! You guys are great. My first Rx attempt since being injured last spring (not that I really Rx’d much before). 19:30 minus the last rope climb. 2 failed attempts and 2 shredded fingers did me in, did the 4 Pull-up, 4 K2E.
    225# for the BS

  11. Paul M.

    Great vibe at 6:45 am with everyone pulling for each other to get up that rope!

  12. Brayn

    13:56 rx this one kick my ass. I decided to muscle it up the rope with out using my legs. Did 7 with no problem then I gassed out! Couldn’t even clean the bar. If I would had done it smart I probably would had cut my time. Lesson learn. Great job 330!!

  13. 10.25.2011

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