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Workout of the Day: 29-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

Anniversary WOD
In Memory of Michael Murphy

Medal of Honor

Operation Redwing


1 mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

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13 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 29-Jun-2011”
  1. Tuna

    I’m bummed because today is a rest day. I haven’t missed Murph since I’ve been coming. I hope a lot of people post their times. Get it!!

  2. Peter S.

    44:41 w/out the weight vest. PR by 2:22…Great WOD to go out on before heading to Kenya for 12 days. Going to try and incorporate as many wild animals as I can in my travel WODs.

  3. Sam

    41:45. PR by almost 2 min. 6:40/9:00 on mile runs. Was half done at 18 min. and really slowed down on final 4 rounds of 5/10/15.

  4. JeffN

    Rough WOD morning, had my IBA loaded to 20lbs. But I added about 11 minutes to my last Murph time, back in Feb (and that was also with the IBA). I’m chaulking it up to a “bad Ozone day”

  5. Adam

    Always a good time doing Murph on a hot sticky day. Managed to PR in 39:25 with the vest. Have fun, later classes!

  6. Jackie

    I was in awe watching Adam cruise through this WOD with a 20lb. vest! Amazing! Pretty sure everyone at the 9:30 Rx’d but me. Also amazing! Rowed 2,000 for each mile (torture!) and subbed sit-ups for squats. Just glad I could participate! Roughly 53:30.

  7. Jon

    My first murph completed this morning. 46:04. Had to switch to modified push-ups halfway through as my range of motion was getting awful. My body is very much looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

  8. Brayn

    My first murph in 37:38 rx. The only part that sucked was the last run. Big up to Adam and the rest who did it with a vest. Next time I’m deff doing it with one.

  9. Manuela

    First time Rxing Murph and it was mostly mental. I was taking water breaks every two rounds and chalking more than necessary, also walked a little on the last mile and hugged a tree for a few seconds when I thought I was definitely going to throw up. Other than that I am extremely happy to have been able to do Rx pull ups and push ups… 51:21. Last time I did it (february I think) I used green band for pull ups and knee pushups and finished in around 49 minutes.

    Shout out to Kelly for flying through it. When I had 6-7 rounds left she was already doing her last mile… amazing!!! Also I am constantly amazed of how awesome Jackie is… no excuses doing the WOD’s whatever way she can. Beast!

  10. Rob Aronofsky

    Also my first time RX’n Murph. 50:07. Very happy with my pullup progress. Not happy with how bad the pushups destroyed me during this wod. Hands rippped to shreds. LOVE Murph though

  11. Emily G

    I have many memories with Murph, good, bad, awkward, and more. Today would probably be on the bad side :/ I guess I just work better in the blistering cold, rather than weather like today (at one point I thought I was gonna pass out). Murph has taught me I have to be realistic, that i can’t always get a better time or give 1000%, and lastly that next time I’ll have to give it 10x more hell.

    Honestly looking back, there’s no place for me to go but up. I did 85% of the pull ups RX’d, so I guess that’s one good thing coming out of today’s wod :D

  12. Alissa

    Great job today by the 7:30 class! Emily G- your pullups are amazing! This was my first Murph too- finished just under 50 minutes at 49:54 doing all real pushups & using the skinny blue band. Goal next time is to rx & keep it under 50. Nice work today everyone!!!

  13. Tony

    Sorry to miss this. My knee is screwy (I can run but I can’t squat), and while I considered subbing sit-ups for the squats like Jackie did (awesome)…I went swimming instead. About 100 to 130m x2 and rather difficult. Forgot a stopwatch (I had someone with me who could have timed me form shore) but I know it wasn’t great, it’s definitely not a strength of mine.

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