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Workout of the Day: 1-Jul-2011


CrossFit WOD

Hollow Holds 3 x 30 sec

5 Min AMRAP:
Double Unders

4 Weighted Pull Ups (60-70% 1 RM) every minute for 7 minutes

Push Press Review

3 Rounds:
Push press@155/105 lbs, 12 reps
Toes to Bar, 12 reps
500m Run

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Workout of the Day: 30-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

10 Min of Double Unders
(If you don’t have consistent singles, get them, if you don’t have double unders, work on double unders, if you have double unders, work on single leg double unders, or triple unders)


400M Run with Jump Rope, 3 Air Squats every time you trip up

3 Rounds:
12 Back Squats @ BW
Broad jump @ 50 lb Dumbbells, 10m


2 minutes between rounds.  Use as few jumps as possible to cover 10m

Backyard Chickens


CrossFit Beach Volleyball in Newport: July 17th Sunday @ 1pm

Photo: These Greek women have not RSVP’ed yet.  Thanks for the photo SWATCH FIVB.

Make sure to RSVP here or on our Facebook:  CrossFit Providence!

Just a fun day at 1st Beach in Newport.  Volleyball will take place at the Atlantic Beach Club (an outdoor bar with live music) next to 1st Beach.  No experience or a desire to play volleball required.  RSVP here or on Facebook and we’ll put you on a team!


July 4th Workout Fundraiser: Heroes in Action

Please click here to learn more about our July 4th Workout Fundraiser – it is a team WOD.  Don’t have a team?  No problem, we’ll put people together the day of…just make sure you reserve your spot in the 8am or 9am class.

July 2-3-4 Limited Schedule

Saturday July 2:
- CrossFit @ 8:00am and 9:00am only
- Kids Fitness @ 9:00am

Sunday July 3:
– CrossFit @ 9:00am only
– Kids Fitness @ 9:00am

Monday July 4:
- All Boot Camps Cancelled
– CrossFit @ 8:00am and 9:00am only (Heroe’s in Action/Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser)
– On-Ramp moved to Tuesday night

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Workout of the Day: 29-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

Anniversary WOD
In Memory of Michael Murphy

Medal of Honor

Operation Redwing


1 mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

Why we get fat review

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Workout of the Day: 28-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

Anniversary WOD
In Memory of Michael McGreevy

3 Rounds
800 M Run
50 Back Extension
50 Sit-ups

Food Reward

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Workout of the Day: 27-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

Anniversary WOD
In memory of Jeffrey Taylor

Ring Dips

Food Reward

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Workout of the Day: 26-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

3 Min Max HSPU
50 Hollow Ups
30 V Ups

400 M Lunge
400 M Farmers Walk

(every time put weights down, 10 air squats)

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Workout of the Day: 25-Jun-2011


CrossFit WOD

Barbell Complex

10 Rounds For Load and Time- If you take weights off the bar at any time, 50 Burpee penalty.   The weight you start with is the weight you end with
1 Power Snatch
3 Power Clean
4 Thruster
5 Back Squat
6 Burpees over bar

Sir-Mix-A-Lot Was Wrong