Workout of the Day: 6-Oct-2010

Photo:  (J Antonelli)

CrossFit WOD

5 min Skill: Muscle-ups

In 12 min find max Jerk

“The Centurion”
5 rounds for time of:

45 sec on and 15 sec off of:
Deadlift (1.5% BW)
Bench (BW)
Power Clean (3/4 BW)

Count total reps, goal should be Rx and get at least 100 total reps to become a Centurion

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9 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 6-Oct-2010”
  1. Kelly Carse

    Here’s to last night’s 5:30 and 6:30 classes. What a great showing for a ballbuster of a WOD. Huge congrats to Mark Gemma for his first muscle up…not just once but twice!!! … and it was smooth! And then there was Kim’s PR on her deadlift! A special thanks to Coach Dan for getting me through my deadlift…as slow and as painful as that was, he didn’t give up on me…neither did the rest of the 5:30 crew….thanks guys!!

  2. kristen

    Full gym this am. Great energy and lots of people working hard. Did 155# deadlift, 85# clean and clapping push-ups in the 6:45 class for a total of 116 reps. Great to have Mike back.

  3. Sam

    Great turnout for 9:30 class today. I was so pumped up for this workout but was a little disappointed that bench press was replaced with clapping pushups. However, during WOD I was so happy to have them because 15 sec rest between rounds of heavy weight lifting is really really hard!

    My ideal weight is 185# which I used as my starting point. Did 131 reps scaled. 22 of 235 lb. DL, 8 of 135# PC then 24 of 115# PC, 76 clapping pushups.

    Very disappointed in dead lift as I did 275 lb X 5 yesterday but couldn’t do more than 5 in any round at 235 and my form was terrible. Also in power cleans I guess I was curling them off floor so Mike had me switch to hanging cleans with lower weight. I then repulled my calf on last rep of cleans. To add insult to injury, I weighed myself before leaving and was 10 lbs. heavier than I thought so I limped out of gym with bruised ego and knowing there will be many more salads on the menu this month.

  4. Tuna

    114 reps…235# DL, 155# BP and 115# PC.

  5. Tony

    Great WOD, never thought I’d say “the clapping pushups was the easy part”. 103 reps, 235 DL, 135 PC, 205 bodyweight. Also, The Onion is awesome.

  6. Jon

    185# jerk
    137 reps using 225# DL, 95# PC and 115# BP

    Agree with Kristen, the box was overflowing this morning with bodies, energy and effort this morning. It was awesome!

  7. Gym

    112 Reps RX!! @ 200 lbs BW.. Great feeling of accomplishment after this one..

  8. Dave S

    104 reps. BW 150, DL 225, BP 135, PC 110

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