Workout of the Day: 29-Sep-2010

Photo:  (J Antonelli)

CrossFit WOD

5 min Skill: Ring Dips

Push Press 1-1-1-1-1

3 Rounds for time:
10 Deadlifts (275/185#)
10 Burpees

L1| 185/135#
L2| 135/95#

For your enjoyment..

Here is a great interview with Denise Minger where she literally rips The China Study a new..well..you get it.

Ultimate Sports Massage Open House!

This Thursday evening from 5-7pm, join USMT for there official opening here inside of CrossFit Providence!  Lori-Ann and her staff have been a great fit for our athletes, and all others in need of top notch soft tissue work.  Come on by and find out how her staff can help you!

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17 Responses to “Workout of the Day: 29-Sep-2010”
  1. Gym

    Megan: “So I was asking Judah if he thought this ‘green shorts, purple shirt, yellow head band outfit’ looks better when I stand like this?”

  2. Brian FB

    Don’t listen to him Meg. The chucks bring it all together.

  3. Jon

    175 push press, PR for me, failed at 185 which I really thought I had.
    4:12 on WOD using 205. Another disappointment though, as I wish now I had gone a bit heavier on the deadlifts.
    Great effort by the 5:45 crew this morning.

  4. Lori-Ann

    Huge SHOUT OUT to James… thank you so much for your incouraging can do attitute!!! I feel better & stronger with every WOD… look forward to seeing the 5:45 Crew again soon! You guys are the best!!!
    (sorry about the poor spelling) :(

  5. Gym

    I am starting a new initiative for the Mon, Wed, & Fri. 5:45 AM classes. I am going to start keeping track of your efforts and results. So before the workout you will check in (with me), complete the WOD, and checkout (with me) before you leave so that your results can be recorded. In time these results will be useful data to assist me in determining where you should be at. I will be able to tell you what you did last time and what you should be shooting for. I will set the bar appropriately so you will not take a step backwards. Just another benefit to, getting your ass in bed by 9PM, up @ 5AM and, working out Mon, Wed, & Fri with me at 5:45AM.

    This morning the 5:45 Crew did great. The morning started with an impromptu 100 meter time trial; then a 2nd 100 meter time trial, where they had to meet (within 1 sec) or beat their first time, or run a third 100 meter sprint. Everyone did well! 100 Meter results have been recorded… The rest of the morning went “as prescribed” Here are their results:

    Name Top weight of push press WOD Time

    Fire Fighter Mike 150 # (new PR) 4:57 w/225 #

    Lori Ann 75# 4:? w/35#
    (working on form which was good) Gotta look at the clock next time

    Missy 95# 4:02 w/135#

    Erin 95# 5:12 w/135 for set 1 then dropped to 125 # sets 2&3 (Next time just stay at 135 # your form and time were fine)

    Doug 105# 5:58 w/185#

    Andrea* 130# 4:23 Rx*

    Steph 75# 4:24 w/135#

    Di 125# 6:00 w/155#

    Jon 175# 4:12 w/205#

  6. The LION Trainer

    Starting in October “The Pride” (CrossFit Providence’s competition team) will start its’ tryouts!

    If you are interested in being on the team send me an E-mail at: James@CrossFitProvidence.com

    I have heard from a couple people but I want to hear from everyone who is interested. Remember you don’t have to be a fire breather at everything (ie RXing everything) but if you have a strength such as running or have lifting but not much else, tryout! The WODs are going to be balanced to give everyone a fair opportunity to make the team.

  7. Di

    Crap. James is making us accountable. What’s up with that? It is almost like he cares about the 5:45amers.

  8. kristen

    OK so James what is my Helen time again…? She and I are just going round and round.

  9. Jeff D.

    I did this one at home today and did 195 on the push press and 5:08 on the wod with 225#. I don’t have bumpers so I think that slowed me down a bit on wod since I couldn’t drop the weight.

  10. Sam

    Supposed to be my rest day but I did this at home because I love the strength workouts like these. Max PP 145 and failed on 155# twice which was my prior best. WOD 7:49 scaled to 225# DL.

  11. Dave S

    155lb Push Press. Did the WOD @ 245lbs. Took 5:25

  12. Cash

    This was my last workout at CFP. I am shipping out tomorrow for a little fun with the Marines.

    205# on the PP, 3:21 on the WOD rx.

    Thanks to all for helping me achieve such an extraordianary level of fitness, I could have never done it without the community.

    Give it hell and good luck chasing my numbers!

  13. Meg

    Good luck to you Cash!!! You will be greatly missed!! 125 for my push press (failed at 135 but think I could have got 130) and I opted for a Gino deluxe WOD…12 min amrap 20 walking lunges, 15 back extensions (GHD), 10 Toes to Bars, 5 Clusters (squat clean/thrusters). Managed 4 rounds followed by a 500 m run to finish…..hope I can walk later at work!!

  14. Meg

    Also I know I don’t have the fashion sense of James ( I am a cop and I dress like it even off duty) Needham but my love for colors and headbands should be something you look forward to each day at CFP. Thank you to Brian FB for defending my honor!!!

  15. Judah

    Best of luck, you have been a great asset to the gym, and you will be missed. Go down to OCS and kick some ass. Stay healthy, and get your ass back here in December as an LT!

  16. Bryan Mc.

    I hit 205 lbs for the push press and did the WOD in 3:56 Rx. Cash, I wish you all the luck in the world although I know that you dont need it. You work as hard as anyone I know and the results show it. I will try to do the same while I chase those numbers. Get back soon, healthy and sporting some collar metal.

  17. Tuna

    Unhappy with the PP (165), but pretty happy with the WOD – 5:37 with 225#. Best of luck Cash!!!!!

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